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Air Fryer & Deep Fryers

Make tasty fried foods without the mess with an air deep fryer.

A healthy diet doesn't have to mean no fried foods. New air fryers and deep fryers now make it possible to reduce the amount of oil used to fry up your favourite foods. Air fryers use little or no oil to cook food with the same colour, texture and taste of deep fried. Instead of immersing the food in oil, air deep fryers circulate high-speed hot air around the food to cook it.

With deep fryers, food goes into a wire mesh basket and is lowered into hot oil. Removing the basket from the oil when the food is ready, drains away the oil and leaves it inside the reservoir. Fryers with adjustable temperature gauges and timers now makes it easier for you to cook the meals your family loves. These fryers are also easy to clean. Features such as dishwasher-safe baskets, pans and reservoirs make for easy cleanup.

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