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Keep Your Home Cozy with a Fireplace, Wood Stove or Extra Heaters

An extra source of heat can help keep your home cozier during the winter. It can also enhance your décor and save on heating costs by targeting a specific room. Electric heaters are available in a variety of different styles and technologies. A radiant heater warms up a specific area very quickly, whereas a convection heater warms up more slowly but circulates air better to heat an entire room. A wall heater can warm up a bathroom or other small space, while a baseboard heater can be placed under a window to make up for heat loss. Portable space heaters are great because you can move them around to wherever heat is needed most. A utility heater or construction heater are ideal choices for your garage or workshop.

If you want to add heat and ambience, consider an electric fireplace. An insert complete with a fireplace mantle can make a wonderful focal point for your living room or den. If space is an issue, you can also find electric fireplace and TV stand combinations. Portable models are also available for moving from room to room. For a truly rustic feel, nothing beats an authentic wood stove or pellet stove. It does a great job heating a room and won't increase your hydro bill. Vintage and modern models are available to suit your home’s interior décor. Some wood stoves also feature a built-in oven for cooking!


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