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Here’s How to Choose the Right Air Fryer

Air fryers are a gamechanger tool for savvy home chefs. Air fryers use way less oil than traditional fryers, yet they deliver uncompromising results: crisp, golden fried potatoes, wings, veggies and more. They work by using a powerful internal fan to continuously circulate hot air around food, thereby cooking it. Different styles ensure the right fit for your cooking needs. Here are some options you can choose between

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Types of Air Fryers

A basket air fryer

A paddle air fryer

An over style air fryer

A Multi-Purpose Air Fryers

A rotisserie air fryer

A dehydrators
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Buying Considerations

Once you have a sense of what type of air fryer is best suited to your cooking needs, consider a few extra things before making your final choice.


Choose an air fryer size based on your cooking habits and household size. Small air fryers typically have a 1- to 2-litre capacity and are ideal for 1-2 person households. Medium models fall between 3 and 5 litres (ideal for 3 or 4 people), while large air fryers boast a capacity of 5+ litres (for 5+ people).

Temperature Settings

Ensure that the unit you choose has an adequate number of temperature settings for the food you want to cook. Pre-sets take the guesswork out of popular foods, while the ability to crank the unit up to high temperatures will allow you to customize your finish.


Air fryers can get hot! Look for a model that has non-slip feet and a cool-to-the-touch exterior and handles so you can reduce the risk of burns. Always wait until your air fryer is cool before cleaning or maintenance.

Top Product Features

Once you know what type and size of air fryer is best for your needs, compare similar models to find the product features that will provide you with the most convenience and functionality. Here are common features that avid air fry cooks look for.

digital displays

Digital Displays

Digital controls add an extra level of ease with one-touch operation, easy-to-understand cooking pre-sets and LED reminders

manual control

Manual Control

Manual controls offer a familiar interface with knobs and dials to set temperatures and choose cooking modes

Cooking zones

Cooking Zones

Separate cooking zones let you simultaneously cook food in different zones (i.e. trays and baskets) at different settings to save on overall cooking time

glass door

Glass Doors

Glass doors or viewing windows allow you to check on your meal-making progress without having to pause cooking to peer inside.



Take the guesswork out of getting a perfectly grilled steak or crispy French fries with auto settings that optimize cooking mode and temperature for the most popular dishes.

temperature probe

Temperature Probe

If attaining the perfect temperature for your meat or seafood is a priority (for precise results and/or food safety concerns), choose a model with integrated temperature probe technology



Infrared heating ensures fast and even cooking, especially on larger food like whole chicken.

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