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Elegua religious candle

Serial Number: 556-0267
Manufacturer Name: Dollar Deal Shopping
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Glorioso Elegua / Glorius Eleggua Candle
There are countless decisions to be made in each day. With each decision, even the slightest variance can affect an outcome which produces countless more decisions to be made. This santeria process goes to infinity. None of us can predict every possibility, within themselves the outcomes are mind boggling, let alone the possibilities within the possibilities.
The exception is Elegua religous candle. He is the quintessential prophet of cause and effect.  Elegua is at once nowhere and everywhere. He is the ultimate embodiment of choice. He knows every decision possible and every outcome possible born of each individual decision. Oftentimes, Elegua is depicted at a crossroads because in life we are always at a crossroads, whether or not we feel it. Some decisions are harder to make than others, in those times we may feel we literally have no direction, no sense of where to turn. This is the domain of Elegua santeria. It is strange to equivocate Elegua with chance or luck when within in the realm of all-knowing, concepts such as chance or luck become obsolete. Yet, this is the very reason all good fortune and consequently all bad fortune is attributed to Elegua. For this reason, he is one of the first orichas to be received. He literally opens the doors in a person�s life and allows them to pass into good fortune� the fortune of their own life path.

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